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Resources funding & research about us you are here: home > your cancer type > cervical cancer > treating cervical cancer > chemotherapy > about chemotherapy for cervical cancer cervical cancer about cervical cancer the cervix causes screening symptoms types seeing a specialist what to ask treating abnormal cells treatment after treatment pregnancy and smears what to ask diagnosing cervical cancer tests further tests what to ask treating cervical cancer stages outlook and stats curing early disease curing advanced disease treating symptoms pregnancy surgery types of surgery advanced cancer surgery having surgery what to ask radiotherapy about radiotherapy side effects what to ask chemotherapy about chemo what to ask follow up research what to ask living with cervical cancer coping fertility sex life what to ask about this section organisations reading list cervical (cervix) clinical trials cervical cancer questions and answers about chemotherapy for cervical cancer this page is about chemotherapy for cancer of the neck of the womb (the cervix). viagra online get generic viagra overnight You can find information about a quick guide to what's on this page when and why you have chemotherapy how you have chemotherapy which drugs are used side effects of chemotherapy chemoradiation side effects of chemoradiation dietary or herbal supplements and chemotherapy more general information about chemotherapy     a quick guide to what's on this page cervical cancer chemotherapy chemotherapy uses anti cancer or cytotoxic drugs to destroy cancer cells. viagra pills online purchese You may have it as part of your treatment when you are first diagnosed, or for cancer that has come back. where to buy viagra legally Chemotherapy can shrink advanced cervical cancer and may help to relieve symptoms. buy viagra without prescription Giving chemotherapy at the same time as radiotherapy is now thought to be the best choice of treatment for certain stages of cervical cancer. cheap generic viagra This is called chemoradiation. viagra side effects memory loss How you have chemotherapy most chemotherapy drugs are injections, although some are available as tablets. buy generic viagra online Generally, a course of chemotherapy takes a few days every 3 or 4 weeks. viagra mail order You have 3 or 4 weeks rest after each treatment, then another few days of chemotherapy injection. where to buy viagra legally how does viagra pill look like Get Adobe Flash player