Biomedsearch home advanced search tools search tutorial login | create free account document detail   utility of fine-needle aspiration as a diagnostic technique in breast lumps. viagra cheap online canada Medline citation: pmid:â  19760761 â â â  owner:â  nlm â â â  status:â  medline â â â  abstract/otherabstract: fine-needle aspiration cytology (fnac) is a simple, accurate, and safe procedure for the diagnosis of palpable breast lumps. The purpose of this study is to emphasis the utilization of fnac in the sudan and to evaluate our experience to identify the types of various breast lesions. viagra pills for sale uk A one year descriptive longitudinal study was conducted in khartoum, sudan. viagra everyday dosage We obtained information (patient's personal data) and fine-needle aspiration (fna) samples, for cardinal patients with palpable breast lesions. natural viagra nepal Subsequent tissue biopsies were taken from 131 patients of the cardinal studied patients. viagra everyday dosage Data were analyzed using a computer's spss program. side effects mixing alcohol viagra Pearson chi-square test was used for statistical analyses. viagra daily free trial The diagnoses of the cc breast fnas were as follows: 61 (30. 5%) were malignant, 5 (2. All natural viagra women 5%) were suspicious, and 134 (67%) were benign lesions. natural version viagra Subsequent histopathological examination was performed on 61 (100%) patients with malignant lesions, 5 (100%) of suspicious, and 65 (48. viagra for sale australia 5%) patients of 134 patients with benign lesions. Tips on buying viagra online Fnac revealed a 92. 6% sensitivity, a 95. cheap viagra online 2% specificity, a 95. 5% positive predictive value, and a 92. buy generic viagra without a prescription 2% negative predictive value. Of the 65 benign cases on cytology, five cases were found malignant on histopathology. Fnac of breast lesions is sensitive, specific, and highly accurate as the initial investigation of palpable breast lesions in a population of low resources and without screening program to diagnose breast cancer. We consequently encourage clinicians to embrace this procedure in the management of patients. how to buy viagra online Authors: hussain gadelkarim ahmed; abdulsalam salih ali; ahmed omer almobarak publication detail: type:â  journal article; research support, non-u. generic viagra online S. viagra discounts Gov't â â â  journal detail: title:â  diagnostic cytopathology â â â  volume:â  37 â â â  issn:â  1097-0339 â â â  iso abbreviation:â  diagn. Viagra history patent Cytopathol. discounted viagra â â â  publication date:â  2009â decâ  date detail: created date:â  2009-11-10 â â â  completed date:â  2010-01-08 â â â  revised date:â  - â â â  medline journal info: nlm unique id:â  8506895 â â â  medline ta:â  diagn cytopathol â â â  country:â  uni. viagra for sale from canada

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